mFiL 2015

Plenary speakers


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Programme in Brief

Friday 6 November
9:00-11:00, Foyer
11:00-12:00, Conference Room
Plenary 1Danielle Turton (Newcastle University): 4,000 /r/s in Blackburn, Lancashire: A (socio)phonological analysis of rhoticity in Northern England
12:00-13:00, Conference Room
Phonetics & Phonology 1
Chair: Deepthi Gopal12:00 Ourooba Shetewi (Newcastle University): The role of age and gender in linguistic choices
12:30 Louise Michelle Middleton & Wendell Kimper (University of Manchester): The representation of diphthongs
12:00-13:00, Seminar Room 2
Corpus Linguistics
Chair: Henri Kauhanen12:00 Daisuke Suzuki (Kyoto University): Variation between the modal adverbs in British English: The cases of maybe and perhaps
12:30 Simon Dew (Stanley Security Solutions): Linguistic markup and processing of transclusion in XML documents
13:00-14:00, Foyer
Lunch & Coffee
14:00-15:30, Conference Room
Chair: Dr Laurel MacKenzie14:00 Chihsia Tang (Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences): Managing criticisms in US-based and Taiwan-based reality talent contests: A cross-linguistic comparison
14:30 Sime Demo (University of Zagreb): The undead language: Latin, Church and the standardisation of Croatian
15:00 Claire Childs (Newcastle University): Change, innit? The form and function of negative tags in three British English dialects
14:00-15:30, Seminar Room 2
Syntax 1
Chair: Dr George Walkden14:00 Ma. Inés Corbalán (State University of Campinas): Towards a categorial analysis of lexical controlled subjects in pro-drop languages
14:30 James Baker (University of Cambridge): Split intransitivity, thematic roles and functional heads
15:00 Jamie Douglas (University of Cambridge): Control and infinitival relative clauses
15:30-16:30, Foyer
Posters & CoffeeGeorge Bailey (University of Manchester): Orthographic reflections of (ing): A Twitter-based corpus study
Oliver Bentley (University of Oxford): Irony and Jin Ping Mei
Rachel Shirley (Lancaster University): `Not an ogre’: Adult music learners and their teachers, a corpus-based discourse analysis
Lexi Webster (Lancaster University): `The reflecting God’: Representing truths, ideologies and interpreted words in discourse with verba sentiendi
Margarita Yagudaeva (Sussex University): Semantic stability of English idioms
16:30-17:30, Conference Room
Plenary 2Jenneke van der Wal (University of Cambridge): What you see is (not) what you get: On the interface between information structure and syntax
19:00-late, Red Chilli
Conference dinnerFollowed by drinks
Saturday 7 November
10:30-11:30, Conference Room
Plenary 3Márton Sóskuthy (University of York): Evidence for coevolution across linguistic levels: Parallel changes in word usage and duration in New Zealand English
11:30-13:00, Conference Room
Phonetics & Phonology 2
Chair: Dr Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero11:30 Lauren Bramley, Míša Hejná, Sadie Maher & Siobhan Paterson (University of Manchester): Variability in British English /t/: Preliminary study
12:00 Yang Li (University of Cambridge): The acoustics of tonal near-merger in Dalian Mandarin
12:30 Donald Alasdair Morrison (University of Manchester): Vowel nasalisation in Scottish Gaelic
11:30-13:00, Seminar Room 2
Language Acquisition
Chair: Fernanda Barrientos Contreras11:30 Carla Cristina Munhoz Xavier (University of York): Mothers’ lexical repetitions to initiate repair of the child’s previous turn
12:00 Sara Altubuly (University of Essex): The production of Arabic words by English-speaking learners
12:30 Patricia Vazquez (University of Greenwich): On the acquisition of the Spanish copular verbs ser and estar in an L2
13:00-14:00, Foyer
Lunch & Coffee
14:00-15:00, Conference Room
Pragmatics and Syntax
Chair: Simone De Cia14:00 Qianchu Liu (University of Cambridge): Second language acquisition of scalar implicatures
14:30 Ghada Alkuwaihes (University of York): A syntactic analysis of vocative exclamatives in Gulf Arabic
14:30-15:00, Seminar Room 2
Syntax 2
Chair: Dr Julio Villa-García14:30 George Walkden & Laura Arman (University of Manchester): The Welsh impersonal: A middle ground
15:00-16:00, Conference Room
Careers Panel
16:00-16:30, Foyer
16:30-17:30, Conference Room
Plenary 4James Murphy (University of the West of England): Sorry seems to be the hardest word
17:30-17:40, Conference Room
Closing Remarks